Scientology Volunteer Ministers Disaster Relief Organization: Official Church of Scientology Videos


There are over 200,000 Scientology Volunteer Ministers, making it one of the largest relief organizations in the world. And in the last ten years alone they have helped over ten million people.

They are trained to respond in times of major disaster and personal crisis. They are proficient in LRH Tech and have solutions for 19 areas, from marriage counseling and conflict resolution to alleviating emotional trauma. Whether providing immediate and effective assistance to the victims and the emergency workers in the aftermath of an earthquake or helping a failing student learn to read, the Volunteer Ministers’ only reward is knowing that they helped.

There are eighteen continental Volunteer Ministers traveling centers, (marquee yellow tents), that have toured through over 100 countries cover hundreds of thousands of miles, including a Volunteer Minister's barge traveling up the Amazon River, to centers traveling throughout West and Central Africa, and a traveling center in the outback of Australia.

Our 135 regional Volunteer Ministers traveling centers, (yellow tents), managed by every central Church of Scientology in the world, have toured throughout their city or town helping hundreds of thousands yearly.

Volunteer Ministers