Scientology Courses

All Scientology courses are self-paced and take as long as it takes for you to understand and apply to your life. Scientology does not depend upon a system of beliefs or faith. The emphasis is on an exact application of its principles to improve life and the world in which we live. All of our courses have practical drills and application as part of the program.

With Scientology courses, you address those things about your life that you want to improve or need to change--based on your answers while doing the personality test. This can range from all aspects of your personality such as improving your relationships with others, communication skills, finances, motivation, organising and much more. 

Scientologists use the life tools, learned from Scientology courses, to help their friends, colleagues, family and the world around them.

When you tour your local church and get your personality test results, you will see the wide range of courses available.

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How to Start YOUR Scientology Journey

1. Glossary

The first place to start is to learn the
the basic words of Scientology.
Learn the Keywords >

2. Beliefs & Practices

Not just something you believe in, but something you do. Not just questions, but answers.
Discover Our Religion >

3. The Aims of Scientology

Read 'The Aims of Scientology' by the founder,
L. Ron Hubbard, September 1965.
These Are Our Aims >

4. About L. Ron Hubbard

L. Ron Hubbard was an author, philosopher,
humanitarian and Founder of Scientology.
About Ron >

5. Personality Test

Take the most accurate and reliable
personality test, the Oxford Capacity Analysis >
Try It

6. Tour a Church

Visit a Church new you and take a tour through
the interactive information displays.
See Inside >

7. Courses

Learn effective, practical tools that, when understood and used, increase your abilities.
Start One >

8. Auditing

Auditing removes life’s past painful experiences
and addresses and improves one’s abilities.
Improve YOU >

9. Help Others

Church of Scientology sponsors secular education programs that help communities the world over.
Start Helping >

Take the Personality Test
Your future success and happiness depends upon your IQ and personality.
The Oxford Capacity Analysis has benefited millions of people since 1960.
It is the most accurate and reliable test there is.