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The Church of Scientology offers a wide range of introductory services for you to find out what Scientology is and what it can do. Pick a service from the ones below, or you can get a book directly from our Online Scientology bookstore.
Attend a Recorded Lecture by L. Ron Hubbard

You are cordially invited to attend a recorded lecture by L. Ron Hubbard, Founder of Dianetics and Scientology. You can have the freedom to be yourself—find out how. Learn basic principles you can use right now to improve your life. Lecutres are held every Wednesday at 12 Noon and 7pm. Coffee and light frefreshments will be provided. Register now, spots are limited. Click here for more information
Sunday Service

Church service is held every Sunday at 10am. It is free, and anyone can come. Sunday Service always includes a reading from our Scriptures. It's a good way to "shake off" the troubles of the workweek. Click here to find out more.
Testing and Evaluation

Get a complimentary OCA™ (Oxford Capacity Analysis) Personality Test, IQ and Aptitude Test at our church. You can also take the Personality Test online!
Free Introductory Films and Videos

Our films can give you more data about our religion than someone talking to you could in hours. We have a range of films available for you to see for free in our Church. Come in and take a look for yourself.
Scientology Purification Rundown

In Sydney, the Scientology Purification Rundown is one of our most popular services for newcomers. This is a remarkable program that frees you up from the effects of drugs, toxins and chemicals. Find out more!
Dianetics and Scientology Courses

Through Dianetics and Scientology courses, you can improve the things about your life that you want to change. These courses give you tools that can help you become more able in life. Here is a list of the courses offered in Sydney.
Dianetics and Scientology Auditing

Dianetics and Scientology Auditing (counselling) can provide you with counselling that will help you resolve what is holding you back in life. Find out more here.
Counsellor Training

You can also train to become a counsellor yourself and help others.

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