Churches have always provided guidance and comfort to their parishioners in times of need. In fact, beyond strictly spiritual concerns, churches traditionally have seen their mission as easing temporal suffering, helping where help is required and restoring dignity to men and women at pivotal points in their lives.

In this same way, Scientology ministers act to ease suffering and provide counsel and support to those in need, whether a member of their congregation or simply someone in the community who may need help. In fact, one cannot function as a Scientology minister without a genuine and overriding desire to help others, whether to ease current suffering or to help people advance up The Bridge.

Scientology ministers bring more than compassion and care to the needy—they bring a highly trained expertise in Scientology techniques that can resolve any problem at hand, no matter how insurmountable it may seem to the individual involved.

Beyond their own communities, Scientologists are actively involved in and support a variety of social betterment and social reform programs, many of which reach into communities around the globe. For a Scientologist, these activities are all part of recognizing one’s responsibility for the improvement of life extends beyond himself, his own family, group and country but includes all of Mankind.

Ministerial services are important for any religion, but for individual Scientologists they take on special significance—it is by helping others that they help accomplish Scientology’s goal of making this world a better place for everyone.

In this section, you will learn how Scientology Churches minister to their own parishioners as well as to the broader community.