New Era Publications and its counterpart Bridge Publications are dedicated to the primary purpose of placing Dianetics and Scientology books, lectures and other religious materials in the hands of individuals and organizations worldwide—at minimum cost and maximum speed.

Any idea, and that includes a religion, goes only so far as it reaches people. When interest generated by results and word of mouth is immense, the demand must be fulfilled and in many languages.

With Scientology, add to the equation that since release of the Dianetics and Scientology Basics Books and Lectures in 2007, Scientologists have flooded into their churches in greater numbers than ever. This, in turn, has increased demand for these materials. With parishioners progressing through those books and lectures, the numbers of new people seeking to find out about Scientology have likewise grown. New Era Publications is a significant part of this unprecedented expansion of the religion.

New Era Publications occupies 188,000 square feet of manufacturing, administrative and warehousing space in the Copenhagen suburb of Glostrup. It is all exclusively dedicated to making the works of Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard accessible to everyone.



Smedeland 20
Glostrup, DK-2600

Phone: + 45 33 73 66 66

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