JULY 18, 2015

Key next step in expansion of the Scientology religion unfolds on the hallowed ground of Saint Hill Road, a stone’s throw from Founder L. Ron Hubbard’s historic home and the Church’s Advanced Organisation for the UK.

The historic momentum just keeps on building for the Church of Scientology, whose unprecedented growth and epic escalation continued its ambitious movement forward with the grand opening July 18 of the new Ideal Continental Liaison Office of the United Kingdom (CLO UK) on Saint Hill Road—touching off a joyous celebration amongst the more than 1,500 Scientologists and their guests in attendance.

“If by chance you hadn’t yet noticed, we’re not slowing down. In fact, we’re just getting started. For this is our time—and this is our place in global history. So, yes, with the cutting of this ribbon we now take yet another monumental step forward as we celebrate this Ideal Continental Liaison Office for this United Kingdom!”
—Mr David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center

‘If by chance you hadn’t yet noticed, we’re not slowing down’, said Mr David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center. ‘In fact, we’re just getting started. For this is our time—and this is our place in global history. So, yes, with the cutting of this ribbon we now take yet another monumental step forward as we celebrate this Ideal Continental Liaison Office for this United Kingdom’!

Destiny came knocking when the ideal property to strengthen the Church presence was found literally across the road from Saint Hill—comprising five buildings on 43 acres. The Fonthill Lodge was erected in 1880 and stands as a cherished landmark, bordering the Ashdown Forest that typifies the beauty of the region.

It serves as the perfect site to house the ecclesiastical management activities covering every sector of Scientology in the UK. That includes the Churches and the Advanced Organisation that deliver the Scientology Bridge, as well as Scientology Missions and affiliated groups.

CLO UK is also responsible for, and has offices dedicated to, the establishment and expansion of the Church-supported humanitarian initiatives as well as the Church-sponsored social betterment organisations that address illiteracy, criminal rehabilitation and drug rehabilitation—including the new Ideal Continental Narconon opening in Maynard Greens, East Sussex, in the coming months.

These newest UK facilities stand tall as the stronghold for all activities in the UK continental zone and a stirring companion to Saint Hill, Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard’s home and the Church’s international headquarters in the 1960s. It was also where Mr Hubbard completed his research into the state of Clear and launched the first of the advanced spiritual levels.

During the years Mr Hubbard resided at Saint Hill, Scientologists from around the world poured into East Grinstead to attend the famous Saint Hill Special Briefing Course where he delivered more than 400 lectures to students, imparting his latest research and development breakthroughs. It was also at Saint Hill that Mr Hubbard discovered and codified the basic laws of organisation, the pattern for all Scientology organisations the world over. He built Saint Hill into a large, thriving organisation in a matter of months. In fact, “Saint Hill Size” remains the benchmark for all Scientology Churches to achieve and maintain.

As Mr Hubbard presciently wrote in addressing British Scientologists in 1983, “I wish to remind all of my dear friends in the UK that it was here in Saint Hill that our growth began. It was from here that the upper bastions of freedom and ability were issued. I have always regarded you as the standard by which all others who follow should be measured.”

With the July 18 opening, this becomes the second Ideal Continental Liaison Office in the world. The first was dedicated by Mr Miscavige in October 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark, serving the whole of the European continent.

In terms of bold plans for Scientology expansion throughout the UK, the CLO opening represents merely Phase 1—following on the heels of the historic and unanimous UK Supreme Court ruling affirming Scientology’s status as a religion in 2013.

Shimmering new Ideal facilities will open for Saint Hill itself in the coming months, including a new wing for the LRH-designed Saint Hill Castle to accommodate greatly increased delivery of religious services. That will be followed by the opening of new Ideal Scientology Orgs for Birmingham, Manchester, Plymouth, and Sunderland, with new Ideal Churches also planned for Brighton and Edinburgh. These will join the Ideal Org of London, on Queen Victoria Street in the heart of the city, along with London’s Dianetics and Scientology Life Improvement Centre on Tottenham Court Road and Fitzroy House, the historic home of Scientology in London during the 1950s. Together these landmark Churches complete Scientology’s profoundly increased UK presence.


The Church of Scientology has enjoyed greater expansion during the past decade than in the previous 50 years combined. The first half of 2015 bears this out, marked by historic achievements for the religion.

These include the July 11 dedication of the Scientology Information Centre at the Church's spiritual headquarters in Clearwater, Florida—along with six new centres to make Church-supported humanitarian programmes readily available to the Clearwater community; dedication of the majestic Ideal Church of Scientology in Bogotá, Colombia, on July 5; and the opening two months ago of another Ideal Church of Scientology where France, Germany and Switzerland converge: in Basel, Switzerland.

More openings are planned in Asia, Europe and North America in the months ahead.